company faq's

  • where are you based?

    We have a great office in the Northern Quarter, right in the heart of Manchester City Centre and the coffee machine is always at the ready if you want to come in for a chat?

  • how long has Pinch been in business?

    We were established in 2015 as a full services agency and over time we naturally developed a number of relationships with other agencies, becoming a part of their extended team.

    Realising that this is where we do our best work, we decided to focus specifically on helping agencies.

  • what does the pinch team look like?

    We’re a boutique agency with a small and tight-knit team of 6 which covers a broad spectrum of skills from illustration and design through to web development and SEO.

    And of course, no team would be complete without our project managers who keep the wheels turning.

  • why pinch over other white label agencies?

    There are several key distinctions which you can learn more about here

    To summarise though, we aren’t just developers, we have a diverse team that covers a wide set of skills and we can deliver more than most white label agencies.

    In addition to this, our team is smaller by design, as this allows us to focus on only hiring quality designers and developers and it keeps our prices more highly competitive.

  • what makes you different from a freelancer? 

    Most freelancers have an overinflated sense of their capability and they usually lack all sense of commerciality. If that’s not enough, they can often be stretched for time, making them unreliable.

    This, is not something that the Pinch team struggles with.

projects & process faq's

  • what are your key capabilities?

    We specialise in web design and development but our team’s skill set covers a wide variety of disciplines from branding, illustrations and graphic design through to web design / development and technical SEO.

    We also have a strong project management support team which is often used by our clients to help when their resources are stretched.

  • what frameworks and coding languages do you work in?

    There is very little that our team can’t work in but the most common frameworks and coding languages are: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, React.JS.

    Our team doesn’t work in ASP.NET but we do have a partner that specialises in this framework so we have you covered. 

  • which CMS platforms do you work with?

    We have developed websites in a wide variety of different CMS platforms over the years but there are several that stand out as the most common, these are: WordPress (obviously) Magento2 and Shopify.

  • can you deploy the websites for us?

    Yes. Absolutely. 

    When the project is completed and signed off, we can either send you the files in your preferred format or we can actually deploy the website for you on the chosen server.

  • what is your amends process?

    The short answer is that we are flexible.

    This usually depends on the type of project that we collaborate on and the comprehensiveness of the brief.

    We appreciate that sometimes projects can get a little messy and we ultimately want to ensure that your client is happy.

    On average, we usually work through 2 – 3 rounds of amends over the course of a project.

  • what’s your turnaround time?

    How fast do you need it? One of our core deliverables is meeting deadlines which is something that we take very seriously.

    If you have a tight deadline and need us to prioritise your project, just tell us and we’ll review the schedule. Of course, this may be reflected in the costing but we’re always competitive.

  • can you maintain websites for us?


    In fact, this is something that we help a number of our clients with.

    Of course, it’s much simpler if we have developed the website but we also help our clients maintain and update websites that have been built by other developers.

    We can provide you with a fixed cost and output driven maintenance package based on your requirements, just speak to the team.

  • can you speak to our clients?

    This is one of the core elements to our project management support services which you can find out more about here.

    In summary, yes, we definitely can and your client will receive a seamless experience as we can use your email address and branding assets throughout the communication.

costs & admin

  • do you use NDA’s?

    Discretion is very important to us and one of our core objectives when working with any of our clients is to provide a seamless white label experience for them.

    We have our own NDA which comes as standard in any new partnership but we are happy to use yours if you have a specific set of terms that we need to work to.

  • how much do you charge?

    We don’t like to work on open-ended day rates as this makes it more difficult for our clients to manage their margins and profit.

    Once we have the details of the project from you, we can provide you with a fixed cost for the full scope of work and unless the brief changes, this won’t change so there are no hidden or unexpected costs.

    In addition to this, we want to make sure that any project that we collaborate on is profitable for your agency, so, if you have a specific budget that you need to work to, let us know.

  • is there any risk in this for us?


    When we develop a new partnership, we offer a free skill test or get-out clause in the first job to remove the risk for your agency.

    Once we produce something for you, we’re sure that the quality of our work will give you all the confidence that you need to consider us a part of your team.

  • how does your payment process work?

    We appreciate how important it is to manage cash flow in projects which is why we offer great payment terms with all of our invoices being payable on 30 days.

    For any ad hoc or smaller projects, we invoice upon completion / sign off and for larger and more bespoke projects such as full website design and builds, we will arrange a payment structure that suits your agency and project.